Herrick & Kasdorf will no longer be operating

For general contact related to Herrick & Kasdorf, not a specific attorney, please contact David Sparer.


Patricia K. Hammel can now be reached at:

Patricia K. Hammel
Staff Attorney
Community Lawyers Project
Wisconsin Judicare, Inc.
401 5th Street Suite 200; PO Box 6100
Wausau WI 54402-6100
(715) 841-1014; (800) 472-1885
(715) 848-1885 facsimile


David R. Sparer can now be reached at:

David R. Sparer
CarlsonBlack LLP
222 W. Washington Ave, suite 705
Madison, WI 53703
608-448-6357 - direct


Carousel Bayrd can now be reached at:

Carousel Bayrd
Community Justice, Inc.
214 N. Hamilton st, suite 101
Madison, WI 53703